“I have had the opportunity to spend quality lesson time with Vince Caiafa. I am very impressed with how fast he learned every challenge I gave him. His dedication and passion scream loudly! Also, his teaching commitment is extremely high and results are realized by every student he inspires. I fully endorse Vince in whatever he chooses due with his integrity and vision. Qualities rarely found. He is the next generation of educators to push this art form well into the 21st century! Go get ‘em Vince!”
Dom Famularo

Drumming’s Global Ambassador

“[Vince] made playing drums fun and interesting! It is fun and educational at the same time.”
Josh Bairos

Age 12

“I very much enjoy his teaching style. Vince is very personable and understanding.”
Steven Tomatik

Age 16

“Vince was very patient with Ryan and very encouraging. He does not rush the students. I like that he includes the parents in the learning process as well. He communicates their strengths and weaknesses very well.”
Dhala Antony

Mother of Ryan, Age 8

“[I really enjoyed] the freedom, meaning that I got to choose which song I wanted to learn or what I needed help with. I really enjoyed the time with Vince.”
Jack Steiger

Age 14

“Vince definitely [catered to the students’ needs], because you could bring in any piece that you were working on and he would help you with it. I always felt I was able to ask plenty of questions.”
Devin McCarthy

Age 15

“Vince helped me reach my goals.”
Rahul Narain

Age 15

“Thanks for supporting me and helping me find my musical voice.”
Luciano Lawrence

Age 17

“In my 30 plus years of teaching drumset I have met thousands of drummers. Vince has made the top of that list. He is extremely passionate, dedicated, and wants to excel. Whether on stage or in the music studio, as a teacher or student, Vince delivers A+ quality!”
Sergio Bellotti

Professor, Berklee College of Music

“Vince teaches a lot of genres of music. He also allows students to choose songs. The lessons were fun”
Jyuuko Yazon

Age 20

“I enjoyed how relaxed an laid back he is, and I like the way he teaches”
Danny Hassett

Age 15

“Thank you for your patience and calm demeanor. You really have a wonderful way with children!”
Nicole Neulander

Mother of Jack, Age 9

“Vince is very good with his students [and their] unique personalities. It will be hard to replace Vince”
Susan Kyle

Mother of Andrew, Age 6

“Vince was really easy to work with an my son learned a lot in a short time. He will be missed!”
John Romanowski

Father of Jacob, Age 7

“I like how we were free to choose the things we wanted to do sometimes, but we got down to business and learning quickly.”
Luke Budd

Age 12

“I enjoyed learning new songs and advancing in each drum lesson. Vince [is] a great teacher, an he taught me very well.”
Satori McDermott

Age 13

“I liked learning about different styles, genres and songs. I would learn more by learning different songs.”
Jia Yazon

Age 12

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